2017 Holden Commodore Price

The 2017 Holden Commodore is a subcompact hatchback by the automobile manufacturer the Holden and has been redesigned and received some changes and improvements both from the outside and inside and also under the hood performance. These changes will thus enhance customer satisfaction, improve the car performance and as well as improve the competitiveness of the car upon its release to the auto market.

2017 Holden Commodore

2017 Holden Commodore – Fresh New Look

From the exterior view of the 2017 Holden Commodore, a variety of features are expected. The wheelbase is expected to be large by roughly 3.9-inches and this will, in turn, translate to an increased cabin and as well as the cargo space. The materials used in the design of 2017 Holden Commodore will, therefore, see the car shed approximately 440 pounds, and this also translates to improved performance and the fuel economy of the car. After the initial sales, the car will be sold as a liftback hatch and wagon. 2017 Holden Commodore is sleek and streamlined for improved aerodynamics; it’s also presumed that streamlined LED technology headlights will be provided in this that not only provides better vision especially during the night but also highly energy efficient. The front bumper and the grille have been redesigned for improved performance of the car.

From the interior of the 2017 Holden Commodore a variety of features are provided. The cabin space is large is enough and can accommodate up to five occupants providing sufficient head and leg room. The seats are wrapped in a premium cloth material for comfort and luxury. The dashboard has been digitalized, and latest equipment’s installed, these features are such as; my link infotainment, on star Wi-Fi, improved audio system, rearview camera, USB port, Bluetooth for file sharing. The driver’s seat can be adjusted for convenience and comfort especially when driving. For the safety of the passengers, there are several expected features such as traction control, stability control, safety seat belts, airbags both front and side airbags, 4ABS, lane departure warning, rearview camera, park assist, emergency disc brakes among other features.

2017 Holden Commodore interior

2017 Holden Commodore – Under the Hood

From the under the hood performance of Commodore is provided by a 6.2 L V8 LS3 engine that is capable of generating a maximum power output of 407 hp and at the same time provides a maximum output torque of approximately 420 lb-ft. The car is capable of attaining the speeds from 0-62 mph in just 4.9 seconds thus making it the fastest ever produced Holden Commodore. The entirely produced V8 models have a Baillie tip a mechanical bi-modal exhaust system from the Holden. The Baillie tip is designed to open up the exhaust when the revolutions increase. This system also has a resonator that absorbs exterior noises and keeps the interior quiet and a comfortable for enhancing the driving experience.

2017 Holden Commodore rear

2017 Holden Commodore – Price and Expected Release Date

The majestic 2017 Commodore is expected to be available in the auto market late year 2016 but also could be premiered in the September 2017 Frankfurt motor show and it’s also expected that the initial price of the 2017 Commodore is approximately ranged between $33,490 and $53,490 depending on the option a customer selects.

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