2017 Opel Adam Review, Price

When Opel first launched the Adam model a few people struggled with categorizing it, especially since cars were getting bigger and bolder but the 2017 Opel Adam and all other Adams before it defy conventional descriptions. The Adam is not a mini nor is it a hatchback or a crossover version of anything. When this car was designed, Opel through the book out as far as convention goes and came out with a sportier, sturdier, hatchback like 2017 Opel Adam design. It is a car that is best suited for city driving but that does not mean it is less powerful.

The Opel Adam 2017 arrived just a little late after the superman emerged which worked in its favor because of its personable character, ease of driving and unassuming look. The Opel Adam comes with a few exterior modifications. These were created to make it look sportier, faster and more fashionable. Even people who are not fans of superfine cannot help but to wonder, how a small car like this one can have the personality it has.

2017 Opel Adam

2017 Opel Adam – Exterior and Interior Design

Opel has incorporated some nifty trimmings to the outside, glamming it up and “blinging” it a little to attract its target market. There are small but stylish details like the color-keyed key fob that lights up LED powered starts at night headliners. The car might be small but it is not dumpy, as most “superminis” tend to be. The wide front-grille that was present in previous models is still there but there is a modification of a wing-shaped chrome bar that stretched from one end to another and has the Opel emblem gleaming in the middle. In addition he that the car has daytime running head lights following the butterfly curve of the front. The rear bumper has also been expanded which makes the car look more muscular and not as timid as you would expect a super mini hatchback to look like. The 2017 Opel Adam will have a front and rear spoiler and will still come as a two-door car.

The interior design of any new generation car should be exciting. Opel has improved the Opel Adam jazzing it up with stylish finishing’s and upholstery. It has the latest technology that the car of its generation is expected to have like touch screen control display. In the 2017 Opel Adam case, the car has been fitted with the now famed IntelliLink System, which offers smart phone connectivity, and apps that will appeal to the targeted younger generation market. The seats, steering wheel, hand brake and gear shift are trimmed with leather and there are intricate details on instruments and door panels.

2017 Opel Adam interior

2017 Opel Adam – Engine and Performance

The biggest improvement made to the 20117 Opel Adam is under the hood. The car is fitted with a 1.4 turbo ECOTEC drivetrain that can produce 150 horsepower and 162 lb.-ft. torque. It has a top speed of 136 mph, which is amazing on such a small car.

2017 Opel Adam side

2017 Opel Adam – Release Date and Price

Opel has not given any indication of when this car will be available but if production plans go well and all the other models roll out in time, we should be seeing the 2017 Opel Adam is showroom by the beginning of 2018. The car is expected to cost approximately $20,000.

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