2018 Opel GT Release Date, Concept

The 2018 Opel GT is a legendary car. The model was one of the most popular cars back in its day. It was discontinued before and GM will bring it backs. It was debuted in the late 1960s. And will be presented again. General Motors german believe that it will make a hit again. Even some people think that it is difficult because the rear-wheel drive coupe segment is steadily declining now. But, they believe its model will be popular again. They redesigned and modify some platforms. The concept has a shelf life for two years. And 2018 is the year for them to decide whether moving forward with the project makes sense.

2018 Opel GT front

2018 Opel GT – Immaculate Design

The exterior has been redesigned from its exterior before. The new design of 2018 Opel GT still has its original design which made before. The basic is the original model. They are not going to use the latest kind of design. The original model looked like a baby corvette, so does it. The car has the same platform with the new Astra Hatchback model. The exterior will be mainly. It is based on the Monza concept car. You will see retro style added.

The 2018 GT has mystery interior. Two cameras have been set in the curves of driver’s seat and have the capability as mirrors. There is voice control and coordination phase sensitive to touch. The concept 2018 Opel GT with design whimsical without the slightest doubt, makes it clear that the organization has no ambitions to put it in the successive generation while taking the front part after the idea of Monza, the situation reveals a big hat and a private back. Opel describes a look of “pure elegance & athleticism” ahead here, but the GT’s-cabin boasts its good share of complex fine great details in the head of the driver’s seat.

2018 Opel GT side

2018 Opel GT – Drivetrain Configuration

New Opel GT is going to use gasoline and diesel burning four cylinder engine which will sedan the power to its front wheels. They also use OPC-badged model powered by high performance 1.0-liter turbocharged triple sends. And it will bring a power of 145 hp and 151 lb-ft of torque. The curb weight of this tiny two-seater is less than 2,200 pounds.

2018 Opel GT rear


2018 Opel GT – Release Date and Price

The release date for the Opel GT 2018 has not informed yet. But the car will make its appearance in 2018. After that, there will be more information about the car. And we will be able to find out more. Let’s wait. The pricing is not known. There will be more information about the exact prize later.

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