Buick Regal Wagon Reviews

As surprising as it is, news reaching us is that the new Buick Regal Wagon has gotten an official confirmation from the automaker and is going to be released as one production models in the future. With a few months still remaining before this station wagon is officially introduced to the public, it is reported that the car is getting significant changes and styling .While the amount of information and details about the new ride are too few right now, here is what we have managed to get.

Buick Regal Wagon

Buick Regal Wagon – Immaculate Design

No much info about the exterior is known except that it is confirmed to be a Regal station wagon. Word has it that the car will wear the TourX nameplate, which will look really nice. The car is also believed to be built under rather a sporty style combined with an aggressive front end and boxier body kit. When it comes to the inside, matching style is going to be addressed along with the latest features to complete the car. Plus, considering this car is a station wagon, we are going to see more leg room and head room with enough space trunks, which will make it one of the best family cars.

Buick Regal Wagon – Engine Details

Even tough there is no official information regarding the powertrain and engine details, it is estimated that this trim will be offered on few engine options. For a special market destination like Northern America, a turbocharged engine paired with 8-speed automatic transmission should make a perfect choice. In other news, through Opel, 4 cylinders of turbo diesel engines should be great. The range is said to include 1.6 liters of CDTi engine, and the new displacement of 2.0-liters of the same CDTi engine. Moreover, based on the current trend, hybrid powertrain should also be included on the list along with the all-wheel drive for the V6 engine or top trim such as Regal GS. Word of caution, `though; don’t get excited yet; until official confirmation from the manufacturer, all these estimations and speculations remain uncertain right now.

To fulfill you with enhanced performance, designers are ready to inject an effective FWD and AWD options. The gas mileage is likely to reach about 20-22 mpg/city and 28-32 mpg highway.

Buick Regal Wagon – Release Date & Price

According to news reaching us, the upcoming Buick Regal Wagon is going to be released and for sale as 2018 model; so it is going to be launched as early as 2017 or even in 2018. As for the price, with over 16 months still remain, pinpointing the exact price tag is going to be really hard; however, based on current appraised price, we could actually see the price start at $27,600 up to $31,600. Bottom line; if what we are hearing is anything to go by, the upcoming Buick Regal Wagon and is going to gain massive interest once it is released for it is going to be among the best station Wagons on the market.

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