Cadillac CT8 Price, Sedan

The new Cadillac CT8 is still largely imagined. The auto manufacturer of this brand has yet to launch the CT6 which has been slated as one of the best luxurious sedan that Cadillac has made. The Cadillac CT8 is said to be better and more stately, although it might be built on the same platform as the CT6 Cadillac is pitting it to compete with the Mercedes-Benz S class which means it might have a longer wheelbase.

Cadillac CT8

Cadillac CT8 – Looks and Shape

There has been a lot of rumors and speculation about the CT8 as the car that will reinvigorate the brand as a luxury car brand on the same level as top of the range Mercedes-Benz. Judging by what we already know and have information on the Cadillac CT6 the design will be sleek from the front to the back with a larger wheelbase giving rear passengers more leg room. Cadillac is likely to use the same Aluminum material for the body, making the car lighter and maybe a little faster. On the inside the mirrors have a dual function, they are mirrors and display screen for the rear camera. We can expect an elegant dashboard with luxurious wooden accents and chrome plating. Like most modern cars the CT* is expected to have a touchscreen console but we have yet to figure out what would be controlled on that console. What we can be sure of though is a navigation system and an infotainment function to make driving or being in the car pleasurable.

The interior is bound to be luxurious with plush leather seats automatic climate control and a slew of safety features. Rumors mentioned a Cadillac CT8 that would have bespoke interior designs and because of that no one could say exactly what it would look like. The idea of a “stately” car brings to mind the notion of ride comfort and handling dynamics that will have passengers feeling comfortable.

Cadillac CT8 interior

Cadillac CT8 – Whole Power Unit

Engine specifications have also not been confirmed but rumors hinted at a twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre V6 engine, the same kind that was seen in the CT6. The will be an additional option of a naturally aspirated 3.6 –litre V6 engine but Cadillac can go as far as a 4.5-litre V6 engine that can deliver 500 horsepower. This car would be built to compete with the likes of Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW 7-Series, Audi A8L/S8L, Lexus LS Jaguar XJ and the Maserati Quattroporte. The class of vehicles meant to compete with are not only luxurious but they are fat and have cutting edge technology fitted to make driving a pleasure and riding in one, a comfort.

Cadillac CT8 side

Cadillac CT8 – Price and Expected Release Date

Unfortunately the Cadillac CT8 has been a pipeline dream, one that existed in the minds of the company heads and designers. No one had actually seen let alone have clear information on specifications, drivetrain, the actual engine or the anything tangible. The idea of a flagship luxury sedan from Cadillac is till yet to be announced and unveiled. There have twitter rumors and auto magazine rumors that the car manufacturer has decided to shelve the notion of a CT8. We are most likely to see CT6 and SUV’s coming out of Cadillac in the next few years. The Cadillac CT8 will hopefully not be relegated to the stuff of legends that never became.

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